Network Engineer

What is a Network Engineer? What is a network engineer? This is someone who you may also hear referred to as a computer network architect. Network engineer requirements include essential skills in the design, planning, implementation and monitoring a computer network that supports wireless network services, video, data, and voice. This is a high-level profession. There are a lot of different types of networks that someone in this role can work with. Some examples include VoIP, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol Network, DAN - Desk Area Network, PEN - Personal Area Network, WLAN, which is Wireless Local Area Network, and LAN, which is Local Area Network. Network Engineer

Types of Network Network Engineer requirements include being able to work with a variety of network types such as:

LAN – Local Area Network MAN – Metropolitan Area Network WAN – Wide Area Network WLAN -Wireless Local Area Network GAN – Global Area Network SAN – Storage/System/Server/Small Area Network CAN – Campus/Controller/Cluster Area Network PAN – Personal Area Network DAN – Desk Area Network VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol Network Intranets Extranets There are a number of different network engineer roles and responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities of a Network Engineer This includes maintaining and controlling computer networks and any computer environments that are related to configurations, hardware programs software, and structures software.

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