A Maturing Hadoop technology

Over the last few years, Hadoop has already taken a maximum portion of Big data and of course in far better manner. Now if you have a closer look, you will understand that Hadoop has already partnered with HortonWorks, Tableau, MapR, and even BI experts to name a few. As per the survey, it has been noted that over the past few years, there has been a rapid gaining momentum and best standards are coming up and the credit for the same goes to Hadoop.

Over other…

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What causes the pname com facebook orca error?

Well, there can be several reasons that can affect the proper functioning of your Facebook Messenger app.

A few of the reasons can include

An outdated Operating System Deletion of a few files without proper knowledge or accidentally. A buggy or fake app Incompatible updates to the app

The error may also come up when the Facebook app is simultaneously with the other apps. The actual reason for the issue is not known but can be attributed to the…

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