A Maturing Hadoop technology

Over the last few years, Hadoop has already taken a maximum portion of Big data and of course in far better manner. Now if you have a closer look, you will understand that Hadoop has already partnered with HortonWorks, Tableau, MapR, and even BI experts to name a few. As per the survey, it has been noted that over the past few years, there has been a rapid gaining momentum and best standards are coming up and the credit for the same goes to Hadoop.

Over other technologies, there is no doubt that this is one maturing technology that has more scope for professionals to grow at the same time learn new concepts. Besides it also helps you learn parallel processing, distributed computerizing and many more things which eventually if you learn individually, it would take more time. But learning Hadoop would cover everything. This way, you can become a bridge between the increasing demand and the expertise solution available.Write.

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