Save Notes via Email

Post-by-Email Overview

This feature allows you to save public and private notes to your personal account just by sending an email. When you send an email to one of two special email addresses manages we will save your note to your account as a public or private note depending on the email address you sent it to.

Saving a Note via Email

Before you begin, you must have a Premium account. If you follow these instructions without upgrading your message will be ignored and your note will not be saved. To upgrade to a Premium account simply log in to your account and click the red "Upgrade" button in the top right of each page.

Save a Private Note

To save a note privately to your account simply send an email to The email address you send from must match the email address you used to sign up with If you use a different email address your post will fail silently. You can manage the email address associated with your account by navigating to the settings page.

When crafting your email, the subject line becomes the title and the body of the email will be the body of the note. When you send the email your note will be saved to a new Notebook called "Mobile Notes".

Save a Public Note

Public notes are saved the same way that private notes are with one exception. Use as the To: email address if you'd like to post a public note. All the same conditions for private notes apply to public notes. Those include needing to send the email from the email address associated with your account.

When you log into your account after posting via email you'll see your note saved just like any other. Notes saved from emails or text messages can be managed from within just like any other note saved normally.

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