Save Notes via Text Message

Post-by-SMS Overview

Posting via SMS or text message allows you to send a text to and have it saved as a note. This is great for quickly saving thoughts and short amounts of text.

Saving a Note via Text Message

Before you begin, you must have a Premium account. If you follow these instructions without upgrading your message will be ignored and your note will not be saved. To upgrade to a Premium account simply log in to your account and click the red "Upgrade" button in the top right of each page.

Save a Private Note

Currently, it is not possible to save public notes via text message. To save private notes you first need to make sure that you have saved your mobile number in your account settings. If you are unsure, log in to your account and navigate to the Settings page. Click the Security tab and check to make sure your phone number is saved in the two-factor authentication settings. Regardless of whether you have 2FA enabled (this is when the checkbox is checked), as long as your mobile number is saved you will be able to post notes via text message.

Once you upgrade to a Premium account and have saved your phone number on the settings page, simply send a text message to (815)-534-4831. Users located outside the United States will have to use the country code (+1) before entering the number.

Please note that if your message is long it may be broken up into two separate texts and each text will be saved as a separate note. Posting via SMS is meant only for short messages (under 200 characters).

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