Premium Overview

What is Premium

A premium account gives you access to features that only paying members get. These features include the ability to save notes by sending text messages to our special number, securing your account with two-factor authentication in the event that you ever lose your password, the ability to download backups of all your notes, and the ability to save both public and private notes via email to your account.

Upgrading your account

Upgrading to Premium is easy. As a free user you should see a big red "Upgrade" button at the top of each page when you're logged in. Just click the button to be taken to the Upgrade page. Once there all you need to do is enter your credit card number and press the submit button.

How much does Premium cost?

Upgrading to Premium costs only $4.99 forever. That means that there is absolutely no recurring charges. No monthly fees, no annual fees. Just a one-time payment and you get to keep your Premium features forever. When we add new features and service upgrades you'll automatically get these as well without having to pay to upgrade.

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