How to Effectively Expel These 6 Common Home Pests

The most annoying part for us when we find a pest in our house, and we try to take all the necessary steps to get rid of the pest. Sometimes, we will succeed in our ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) challenge, but in most cases, we will fail to achieve the result in pest control. The reason behind this is,

  1. There is no proper guidance for us to ‘how to control the pest.’
  2. We are not aware of the methods and terminology to be followed.
  3. The pest’s infestation has gone way beyond your control.

Below are Few Commonly Found Pests in the House

  1. Bed bugs
  2. Ants
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Rats
  5. Mice
  6. Rodents
  7. Wasps
  8. Spiders

There are methods when followed correctly, we could be able to eliminate the pests from the house. Let us study with examples of 6 common pests.

Handling Ants in the House

Ants often visit our house when they find the smell of food.

  1. Keep all the food materials well sealed.
  2. If there is any spill of food, immediately take a step to clean the place.
  3. If you find ants in food materials like sugar or any cereals, keep the bowl in direct sun. This is one of the natural methods to eliminate ants.
  4. Apart from the above natural methods, there is a pesticide method to kill or get rid of ants. There are many chemicals available in the market, like, ant powder, ant chalk, and the list goes on. Whatever pesticide we use, you need to ensure that you are following the proper guidelines to use and dispose of the chemical.

Rapid Breeding Cockroaches

  1. The one way of getting rid of cockroaches is ‘do it yourself’ method. There are many available sprays to kill cockroaches instantly. Buy and use it in the area where you feel the cockroaches are often visiting. But make sure that you are following the instructions to use the chemical. The do's and don’ts will be specified on the spray bottle that you buy. Follow the instructions step by step.
  2. The other way of getting rid of cockroaches if you feel the infestation and number of cockroaches are more, then it is advisable to call pest control service. The professionals will give an instant solution to pest control without harming human beings nearby.

Stinging Bees

  1. The ‘do it yourself’ way is to break its nest. So that you will not find it building the nest again. Mostly, during the winter, the nests will be empty, and you do not want to strain much to break it.
  2. If you feel the bees are aggressive and it might harm our family members if we break the nest, then it is advisable to call professionals to work on it. They could be able to handle the pest fast without any harm to others.

Controlling Bed Bugs

  1. These small but annoying creatures are found almost in our couches and beds where the human contacts are more. So, to get rid of these little beasts, you need to clean up the sofas and beds thoroughly, layer by layer. No space should be left without cleaning.You can use a magnifying glass for assistance, and sometimes, you can use your credit card to whip out the insect from its hiding places. This is the best method of ‘do it yourself’.
  2. When the numbers are more, then it is challenging for you to handle the situation alone. Without any choice, you need to bring the professionals into action. They have several methods like steaming, vacuuming, applying pesticide mildly to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Variety of Spiders

  1. Spiders are often found in uncleaned corners in the house. Especially on the wall corners. A simple method to get rid of spiders is by cleaning off its web using a broom. Again, it will take a lot of time for the spiders to build the web.
  2. A natural method of getting rid of spiders are using the cut onions in the places where there are spiders. Spiders do not like the smell of onion. They will never revisit the place.

Rodents and Food Contamination

  1. Rodents, rats, and mice often have the same behavior. They come into your house through any gap like plumbing gaps, open sealings, etc. If left unnoticed, they will severely contaminate the food. So, one of the ‘do it yourself’ way is to use rat poison or traps to get rid of the pests.
  2. Calling the experts to handle these pests is another wise way if you find the number of pests is more.

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