Rain Shower Head And Other Fittings

This article talks about all the necessary fittings a bathroom needs and how to select them as well.

What is a rain shower?

The rain shower head is an advanced version of the normal shower heads which were used earlier. The main aim of the rain head is to give a complete rain experience and thus, the name. This is a bit different from the previous…

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Get A Modern Shower Panel Today That Occupies Less Space

The panels are easy to install and occupies less space. This is the modern and popular bathroom accessory.

Shower panels allow the homeowner to change the existing shower enclosure into the most heavenly shower. A standard panel consists of a hand held shower, fixed head & massaging body jets. The panel uses just the height and not the width. This technology is quite a space saving. These panels…

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Conserve Water Using One Piece Toilet For All Limited Space

One piece types are gaining more popularity and have lower profile tanks.

One piece toilet offers exceptional performance. These have a lower profile tanks that helps a petite bathroom to be more spacious. They can conveniently fit under many bathrooms countertop. Some of them have an elongated bowl which can fit in the space of a round front toilet. These are easier to clean when compared…

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Dual Flush Toilet Is A Powerful Way To Save Water

These types of toilets help to save a lot of water.

Dual flush toilet is a great way to save money and water. Since they offer the option to use only limited water, these can save average family money on their water bill. These technologies are just easier to use. 2 different flushes in 1 easy to use can let you save lots of water without even the need to sacrifice performance. They get the name because…

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Get Layered Lighting When Using Ceramic Basin

These types of sinks are easy to clean and maintain and provides glamorous look to your bathroom.

What is the use in having a truly designed ceramic basin when there is not enough lighting to appreciate its rich color & its appealing structure? This means there is no sufficient lighting in the bathroom. This cannot be achieved using just single ceiling light. One light situated at the room center…

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Things To Know About Bathroom Faucet

Certain things are taking into consideration when installing a bathroom faucet for your bathroom.

When you are considering replacing the bathroom faucet or install, always look for a professional one who does the job. When it is done professionally, it looks nice and clean. There are certain things to know about these before installing them. If you are planning to remodel the bathroom, there are different…

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