How do I access Facebook on my iPhone?

There are a couple of ways to login into Facebook account on iPhone. Facebook has provided enough support for iPhone users as well as Android users to access their platform with ease.

You can either use the Facebook app or use the URL to access the platform.

Using Website – You can open the official website in the Safari or any other web browser…

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How do I fix Yahoo Mail not Receiving Emails?

Not getting the emails is quite frustrating, but Yahoo is working hard to maintain the service and try to fix the interruptions. There are a couple of things you can check if you are not receiving emails on your Yahoo account.

First, if you can’t receive Yahoo emails,…

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Why is Yahoo not Filtering Spam?

Sometimes, Spam mails escape from the filter box and reach directly to your inbox due to the failure of spam filters for Yahoo mail. It is a very common problem for Yahoo users and there are several reasons behind it. If you are also facing this problem, then this guide is going to help you solve the issue easily.

Mark as Spam: Even though spam mails automatically…

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What Happens If My Account Is Hacked?

Even after being one of the most highly reliable, efficient, and popular webmail services, AT&T webmail services are not free from the hacking attempts. So, considering that, if you suspect that your AT&T email account has been compromised or hacked then, instead of worrying about what happens if my account is hacked, try to assure yourself whether your account has been hacked or not. Once you’re sure about it, perform the following below-mentioned steps…

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How do I Download YouTube Videos to My Android?

Write.Without a doubt, YouTube is a great platform that millions of people used to watch and share videos but unfortunately it doesn’t support the download feature in case you want to download a YouTube video on your android device. However, nothing to worry about as there are still few options of downloading it through your android device, and they are as follows:

Option 1:

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Manual Guide of Setting up Yahoo Mail on Android

Yahoo is the primary email service in the world. It has been offering its services from the very first day. It is known for continuous updates with the fast-changing technology world. It includes the feature loved by global users, as a result, Yahoo becomes the third-largest email service in the world. Now the users of email moved to the mobile phones, hence smartphones are the easiest way to access the email account.

So, Yahoo also launched its Yahoo application…

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How can I Get my Old Gmail Back?

Gmail is one of the biggest email service providers in the world since its inception. The competitors to Gmail don’t come close to the features and popularity. Over the years, Gmail has adopted many designs but only a few of them were well received. But, sometimes it feels like, that is too much and we want to go back to the old design as quickly as possible.

Recently Google announced, they’ll be refreshing the look of Gmail once again. And this time they’ll…

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Yahoo Account is Down, How to fix it?

Yahoo has a big user base and to accommodate those they operate big data centers in many cities. They also employ the professionals who take care of those data centers and don’t let it go down for any minute.

But somehow if your service is not responding, it means there is a problem in the server end of things. They are trying to fix all these issues and this kind of problem frustrates people. But if everything on Yahoo is working fine and your Yahoo…

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