Manual Guide of Setting up Yahoo Mail on Android

Yahoo is the primary email service in the world. It has been offering its services from the very first day. It is known for continuous updates with the fast-changing technology world. It includes the feature loved by global users, as a result, Yahoo becomes the third-largest email service in the world. Now the users of email moved to the mobile phones, hence smartphones are the easiest way to access the email account.

So, Yahoo also launched its Yahoo application for mobile users. Two major formats that are ruling the current world is Android and Apple. Yahoo has application for both types of users.

In order to get the mails on your device, you need to set up a Yahoo mail account on it using the POP3 or official mail map. The advantage of using POP3 is that you can unite your mails from another mail account into a single inbox. Here are stress-free steps to setup Yahoo mail on Android.

  1. First, Open the email app.
  2. Touch on the “manual setup” on your device screen. Choose the “Add account” option.
  3. Now from the option of the email service provider, choose the “others” option.
  4. You must enter the yahoo email address and password.
  5. Click on “next” button and let the mail application to identify the settings. You can go for the manual process by clicking on “Manual setup”.
  6. In the incoming server setting box, you need to fill in your username and password. In the POP3 Server box type, the and in port is 995. For safety type, select SSL. It will be tranquil for setup yahoo mail on the android process.
  7. Depending on your selection as you were given the three options, first is Never option, second; When I Delete from Inbox and When I retrieve from the server.
  8. Now you should enter the information about the SMTP server. A server that can be used for sending emails correctly. Fill the following details in the boxes,
  9. SMTP server-,
  10. Port is 465,
  11. Security Type- SSL
  12. Now click on the checkmark in the box.
  13. Then, enter your username and password. And click on the “Next” button.
  14. Pick the option that equals your choice and Tap on the “next” button.
  15. Create the account with a name and tap on the “done” button.

You are done with the setup in case you face any issue, seek forYahoo representative online chat option.

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