Why is Yahoo not Filtering Spam?

Sometimes, Spam mails escape from the filter box and reach directly to your inbox due to the failure of spam filters for Yahoo mail. It is a very common problem for Yahoo users and there are several reasons behind it. If you are also facing this problem, then this guide is going to help you solve the issue easily.

Mark as Spam: Even though spam mails automatically go into the spam folder of Yahoo, there are times when the spam messages sneak into your inbox. If you see any of these messages in your inbox, mark it as spam immediately to prevent it from causing any damage to your data.

Restrict images display: You really need to restrict the display of images in your emails to avoid any spam activities in your inbox. In the “Security” option of the “Settings” menu in Yahoo Mail, select the option of “Never by default or Always, except in Spam folder”. This way you can easily restrict the images from being displayed.

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