5 Tips for Choosing NGFW Grade Products

  1. Firewall mission # 1 is to prevent attacks and ensure the security of the customer's company. But since preventative measures will never be 100% effective, an NGFW-class firewall should also offer advanced capabilities to quickly detect advanced malware. Therefore, choose a product with the following capabilities:

blocking threats before they get inside the network;

high-quality next-generation IPS system integrated into the firewall to detect hidden threats and quickly neutralize them;

URL filtering to comply with policies on hundreds of millions of URLs;

built-in sandboxing and advanced malware protection that continuously analyzes file behavior to quickly detect and eliminate threats;

In-house antivirus analytics department that provides global threat research and delivers the latest anti-emerging threat updates for NGFW firewalls.

  1. Full visibility of events on the network. You cannot provide protection from what you cannot see. Your firewall should provide a consistent view of network activity, allowing you to assess:

activity of threats for users, hosts, networks and devices;

where and when the threat arose, where else was it in your extended network, and what is the current situation;

active apps and websites;

communication between virtual machines, file transfer and more.

  1. Flexible management and deployment options. Regardless of whether a customer has a small, medium or large business size, the firewall must meet the specific requirements of that business.

On-demand control - choose the “manager” built into the NGFW firewall or a centralized control system for all devices.

Deployment option on-premises or in the cloud using a virtual firewall.

Customize features to suit your business needs - just connect new subscriptions to get advanced features.

  1. Fast detection time. Currently, the standard detection time for threats is 100 to 200 days; it is too long. Next generation firewalls should be able to:

detect threats in a matter of seconds;

determine the presence of a successful hack within a few hours or minutes;

prioritize attack notifications so that the information security department can quickly and accurately take action to eliminate threats.

  1. An integrated security architecture provides automation and reduces administration complexity. The next generation firewall should not be an isolated tool; it should communicate and work with the rest of the security architecture. Therefore, choose a product that meets the following requirements:

easily integrates with other tools from the same provider;

Automatically exchanges threat, event, policy, and contextual information with security tools for email, endpoints, and network components.

automates security tasks such as impact assessment, policy setting, and user identification.

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