6 essential books that every architect should read

Every artist enriches himself with his environment and uses it as an inspiration source to create his work. Since we consider that every architect is also an artist and an engineer at the same time, there are thousands of ways to find inspiration and books are one of them. This series of books that we will mention below, remind us that sometimes it is essential to return to the principles to analyze them and reflect on them in order to find new ways to create:

This book is the first known written treatise on architecture. It is considered one of the oldest classics, structured in ten books that exposes the theory and practice, that is, the foundations of what we know today as architecture. Vitruvius explains in each of its pages the essence of the architect and his mission in the world. This extensive treatise marks the path on the art of constructing buildings, and reinforces it, in addition, with the design of artifacts for it. A classic for any architect and / or student.

  1. Casa Collage Authors: Xavier Monteys and Pere Fuentes

This book is a call by Venturi to all architects, since its appearance in 1972, to be more receptive to the tastes and values ​​of "ordinary" people and to leave aside the "heroic" of monuments. Furthermore, it explains the importance of the symbolic in architecture and the iconography of the urban, suggesting a communication architecture.

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