Cisco: Updates are intended to fix security problems and firmware deficiencies

Cisco has eliminated various software vulnerabilities with "high" and "medium" ratings and updated sloppily programmed router firmware.

Network equipment manufacturer Cisco has published eight security advisories about vulnerabilities that it believes pose a high risk.

Cisco classifies a further six gaps in WSA, WebEx, Managed Services Accelerator (MSX), Industrial Network Director (IND) and IP telephones from the Small Business SPA500 series as "Medium".

Updates are available that Cisco customers should import quickly. A quick update to the latest firmware versions is particularly advisable for owners of the routers mentioned: They fix other potential security risks that Cisco has broken down in separate notes.

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An overview of all security advisories and "informational advisories" for the router firmware is returned by an appropriately filtered search query on Cisco's website . The relevant versions and the corresponding update notes can be found in the advisories.

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