computer maintenance services

In this section we are going to delve into each of the computer maintenance and computer support services provided to companies and organizations and in which Centromipc is specialized: CAU: Customer Service Center The user support service responds to the need to centralize all communications with users such as service requests, incidents, complaints, etc.

what does a computer technician do

Attention to users: Here we can find the attention to users through phone calls, emails or requests generated through some web tool for managing user incidents. Registration, typification, prioritization, resolution or reassignment of incidents. First level: Resolution of immediate incidents and easy solution, also first level calls. Second level: Reassignment of incidents that cannot be resolved to the microinformatics, infrastructure or server support team, or also second level calls. Coordination and monitoring of incidents until their resolution . Management of user claims: Management, prioritization, allocation of implanter / s, indication of expected resolution date, coordination and follow-up until resolution. Notification to users: When the corresponding technical area has not done so, of the status of its incidents, progress and resolution. Control of compliance with the ANSs or SLAs defined for each type of service (quality of service, response time, hourly availability, assigned personnel ...). Computer maintenance services for user care To carry out all this, the team in charge will use the tools, protocols and knowledge bases that it already has.

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