The IT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses can gain a new profitable path from now on. The Free System seeks to establish a partnership with computer technicians to increase the commercialization of the Management System and, with this, generate a commission for the professional. The purpose of the Free System proposal is to encourage the computer technician to offer ERP to their customers. This is because many companies do not yet use a management system and need help with simple tasks such as organizing budgets, entering and leaving cash, issuing invoices, among others. For the director of the Free System, Robinson Idalgo, the computer technician is the ideal intermediary to consolidate this new approach to commercialization of the business. "The function makes it so that the customer and service provider are always discussing what is best for the company, what are the equipment, network size and systems that contribute to the company's technology area to function without fail", he explains. "The professional, then, has the necessary credibility to indicate the tool, accessed through the internet, and the most suitable modules for each client". Upon closing the partnership, the Free System team presents a brief explanation of the ERP to the IT technician, who can even test it. In the proposal, the company suggests a monthly income of 10% of the value that is proposed to the client company, starting from the hiring of modules in which there is no gratuity. It is worth remembering that the Free System has modules for finance, sales control, budgeting and issuing receipts and notes. Everything is accessed via the cloud, therefore, in a computerized way and on a single platform. The Free System has a strong presence in retail and services. “We know that the computer technician is an essential service provider for small and medium-sized companies and we have a very efficient tool that can be associated with this work, which is already recognized as important. It is a partnership that brings benefits to everyone ”, comments Robinson.

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