How is the Job Market for the Computer Technician?

Computer Operation and Maintenance This is certainly the most classic branch of the computer technician: working with the operation and maintenance of computers is certainly the image that came to your mind the first time you heard about being a computer technician. Now, with mobile devices gaining more and more space, technicians are also involved in the maintenance of tablets, notebooks and other devices, helping users to better explore their equipment, solving problems, generating new opportunities to take advantage of technological resources.

Technical support The technical support analyst is also a highly demanded professional, both by companies that develop technological solutions, who place their help desk area at the service of their customers, and in IT departments of companies in the most varied fields of activity.

This professional is responsible for helping people to deal with technology. It holds knowledge that is behind the interface viewed by users and, thus, can assist them in correcting flaws, learning how to use systems and much more.

Network Administration Configuring and managing networks is also a function that can be perfectly done by a computer technician. Connect devices, establish connection between equipment, etc. All of this is done by a professional dedicated to the area of ​​networks and connectivity - also increasingly demanded by companies. And when it comes to managing networks, we are talking about simple home networks to complex global networks of large corporations. For all these, a specialized professional

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