Palo Alto launches ML-Powered NGFW security solution

Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFW in PAN-OSĀ® 10.0 comes with a world first of new technology. With

ML-Based In-line Malware and Phishing Protection Today, adversaries use machine learning that can create new types of attacks. The protection solutions today, such as signature based, cannot be protected. Although the typical Network Security products on the market have started to use machine learning to assist with detection as well, they have to be communicated via the cloud. Therefore, Palo Alto Networks ML-Powerd NGFW offers in-line machine learning to help prevent attacks from unknown threats. And reduce detection time

Zero-Delay Signature update Palo Alto Networks is a leading provider of ultra-fast, day to minute threat detection analytics processing systems. Today Palo Alto Networks has released zero-delay protection that can help Hit reduced to 99.5%.

firewall certifications

Integrated IoT Security Based Security on Machine Learning The new IoT devices that are being used today. Often used on insecure networks and lacking security knowledge, Palo Alto Networks offers machine learning-enabled IoT security to assist in device authentication. All around Both anomalous and various vulnerabilities without adding any sensors or structures.

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