What happens when remote work is not an option and employees no longer want to show up for work?

The unprecedented situation we are in also generates a series of reactions among employees who, as a precaution against the high degree of contagion of COVID-19, express their fear of being present at work.

The employees of the companies that do not have the possibility to carry out the activity other than at the headquarters still have the obligation to present themselves at work.

Employees will not show up for work if they have medical certificates justifying their absence, if they have symptoms of COVID-19 infection or if, for various reasons, they have been instructed by the authorities to isolate themselves at home. In these situations, the provisions regarding medical leave or quarantine leave will be applied, as the case may be.

In the absence of a medical certificate or an instruction from an authority, mere precaution cannot justify absence from work.

Measures such as postponing the work schedule, establishing individualized work schedules, increased sanitation measures and limiting as much as possible the situations in which employees are in large numbers in confined spaces should provide comfort to employees who continue to attend work, where, from a functional or operational point of view, it is not possible to carry out remote activities.

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