What is a computer technician?

What is a PC expert?

The PC expert is an expert who is able to perform establishment and help administrations on scratch pad and PCs, arrangement of programming and systems and making of frameworks and sites.

It is an expert who can offer specialized help in the IT region in organizations, homes, just as in branches of policy implementation and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

How to be a PC professional?

To be a PC professional you should be in any event 16 years of age and have (or have finished) secondary school. In any case, it is important to take the Vestibulinho at some Technical School or take a crack at a school that offers this course.

what do computer technicians do

The course has a length of one and a half years, and in it the understudy learns, through hypothetical and commonsense classes, about the get together of PCs, working frameworks, programming, database, among different subjects identified with PCs and the web. .

Numerous instructive organizations offering this course are open (city, state or government). Along these lines, they are excluded from month to month expenses. In any case, there are private specialized schools that charge educational cost extending from R $ 200.00 to R $ 500.00.

The compensation for PC professionals differs as indicated by the experience and size of the organization. In a little organization, the compensation can shift between R $ 1,154.39 and R $ 2,019.03, in a normal organization between R $ 1,385.27 and R $ 2,422.84. For an enormous organization, the compensation can be between R $ 1,662.32 and R $ 2,907.41.

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