What are the IMAP Settings For SBCGlobal Net?

SBCGlobal is one the oldest emailing service that is still in existence due to which SBCGlobal email settings on outlook and on other email clients’ needs to be done in order to access it smoothly. Due to the features and facilities, it provided to its users it was very popular back then.

As time lapses, newer email clients are introduced with new features, and most of the users of SBCGlobal shift to them. Therefore, SBC had to face heavy loses and it was bought by AT&T later in the years when the losses prevail to exist. Despite the removal of SBC, SBCGlobal email accounts still exist and email holders can still access their emails using the AT&T login page.

While accessing SBCGlobal email on different devices there are several settings that are to be considered and configured for hindrance-free usage of email service. There are SBCGlobal email settings on outlook and some incoming and outgoing mail server settings that govern the receiving and sending of emails and the usage of emails on different devices at the same time.

IMAP is the Internet Message Access Protocol, that enables the use of an email account on different devices and different email clients and reflects the latest updates in the inbox simultaneously in all places. While SMTP is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, that controls the sending and receiving of emails. Therefore, for seamless conductance of your work we have to Configure SBCGlobal email account on MS Outlook and other email clients.

SBCGlobal Server Settings

Following are the settings that are to be done in email clients for smooth usage:

Settings of Incoming Email Server- IMAP Server: imap.mail.att.net Port Number: 993 TLS Requirement: Yes SSL Requirement: Yes

Settings of Outgoing Email Server- SMTP Server: smtp.mail.att.net Port Number: 465 TLS Requirement: Yes SSL Requirement: Yes

Login Information of the User Name: Name of the user used in the email Username: SBCGlobal email address Password: The password of the above-mentioned SBCGlobal email account. Also read:



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