AI: Technology of the future

In the current scenario, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to have an end as this virus does not discriminate based on caste and creed. This pandemic situation has brought the world to a standstill and forced the plans of every individual to be rethought in a different dimension altogether concerning the new economic crisis that can be visualized by the experts.

We have always observed how things get outmoded with time and in the case of technology, it is even at a rapid rate. Keeping this theory in mind everyone is afraid about the changes in technology that will take place post the pandemic bringing concern in various fields. The effect is going to be massive and long-lasting, but we need to learn a lot of things with the current situation and be ready for any kind of further circumstances impacting the lives and bringing it to a standstill.

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As human beings are learning, machines also need to be more advanced to understand these situations and react early and alert us for the upcoming catastrophes. Artificial Intelligence also termed as self-learning mechanism for the machines needs enormous advancement to make them future-ready. At present, the AI is evident in the areas of Healthcare, Automotive, Cybersecurity, Video games, Military operations etc.

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