Cyber security Consultant

Holding the same spot for the second year in a row is the Cybersecurity Consultant. The Cybersecurity Consultant plays the role of both an attacker and a defender to exploit vulnerabilities and detect weaknesses in an organization’s computer network, systems, and applications. Typically, this position is not employed by in-house security teams; a Cybersecurity Consultant is usually either a self-employed contractor or works for an external or third-party security consulting firm (like Focal Point).

Consultant roles vary by opportunity, so a Cybersecurity Consultant can range from an entry-level to a more intermediate-level cybersecurity position, with most employers looking to see a degree in the field, technical skills, certifications, and potentially work experience conducting similar tasks.

Since cyber threats are constantly changing, it is not surprising that this position has maintained such a high demand. As the demand for cybersecurity workers has boomed and companies struggle to fill security roles, they increasingly rely on cybersecurity consulting firms to handle their largest, most complex projects. As a result, the need for Cybersecurity Consultants is on the rise among professional services firms.

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