Difference between CS and CSE

Both CS and CSE have become increasingly specialized and in order to do research in a computing degree program. Here is the explanation of the similarities and the differences between CS and CSE.

Computer Science (CS) focuses on four areas of computing - theory, algorithms, programming languages and architecture. The program covers a broad range of computing topics and allows students to interact and engage in projects across multiple areas and this field can be divided into theoretical and practical disciplines. Computer programming involves the usage of programming language and complex systems. A computer science student studies the theory and the practices of designing and software systems.

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Computer Science Engineering (CSE) here focuses on understanding, designing, and optimizing the hardware and software and the way it interacts. It is an integration of computer science and electrical engineering and deals with theories, algorithms, programming languages and architecture, compiler and a few electronic devices and circuits. Students in the field of CSE gain knowledge of the design, implementation, and management of an information system in terms of hardware and software. The aim of this CSE program is to design, develop and troubleshoot computing devices such as PCs, supercomputers, robots, smartphones, networking devices, and embedded devices.

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