How Do I Hire Contingent Workers?

Locating and hiring temporary and contract workers is similar to locating full-time talent. Some of the places where you can find part-time, contract, and virtual help are:

Social media, particularly business-oriented sites such as LinkedIn Classified recruitment advertisements in local newspapers or online at sites such as Craigslist Online task sites such as Mechanical Turk, or TaskRabbit for small jobs, and Contently or Upwork for larger or longer term projects Staffing agencies such as Kelly Services Professional organizations suited to your business Your own informal contact networks When posting a job or placing an ad, .it is important to start with a good job description. You want to be as clear as possible on exactly what you’re looking for in a contingent worker.

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What project do you need managed? What skill are you lacking in your current team? If you can’t clearly articulate what you’re looking for, your ad will not attract the talent you’re seeking.

Be as clear as possible about the problem you’re trying to solve in hiring a contingent worker. This will make the hiring process much easier on you and your potential hire.

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