Introduction to Dell EMC certifications

EMC, acquired by Dell in 2016, has been a market leader in the storage space for more than two decades. With such tenure comes a responsibility to train and certify storage engineers, developers, administrators and architects on the company's hardware and software.

Dell EMC accomplishes that goal through its Proven Professional certification program, and uses this program to maintain stringent training and certification requirements, as well as to provide a conduit for gathering valuable feedback from customers and IT professionals. Becoming a certified Proven Professional allows direct input into Dell EMC's product teams, so certification holders can affect the timing and feature sets for the company's products and services.

Since the Dell/EMC merger, the Proven Professional program has operated alongside two other programs – the Dell EMC Certification program and the VCE Certified Professional program. Dell EMC certifications focus mainly on Dell hardware technologies, whereas Dell EMC Proven Professional certifications are based on EMC storage products and services. The VCE Certified Professional program offers engineer-level certifications for converged infrastructures.

Dell EMC Proven Professional certification program overview Various tracks exist within the Proven Professional program, allowing certificate holders to attain a depth of knowledge in specific areas of Dell EMC products and storage technologies. Proven Professional tracks include data scientist, cloud architect, cloud and storage administrator, technology architect, engineer (cloud, platform and implementation), and application developer. Dell EMC also offers product-specific certifications for customers who utilize ScaleIO, ViPR, Data Protection Advisor and VxRail storage solutions.

Most, but not all, Proven Professional tracks come in three levels: Associate, Specialist and Expert. Each certification track in the Proven Professional program aims toward a combination of target audiences – employees, partners, customers and industry-wide. Current tracks that are open to all interested parties (industry-wide) include the following:

Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) Data Scientist (EMCDS) Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate Version 2 (EMCCIS) Cloud Architect (EMCCA) Data Protection and Management Associate (EMCDPM) Tracks geared toward EMC employees, partners and customers include the following:

Cloud Administrator (EMCCAD) Storage Administrator (EMCSA) Product/technology specific (VxRail, ScaleIO, ViPR and Data Protection Advisor) Tracks for employees and partners only include the following:

Technology Architect (EMCTA) Cloud Engineer (EMCCE) Platform Engineer (EMCPE) Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) Technical Support Engineer (EMCTSE)

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