Why CRM is an Important Pillar of ERP Software

Every coin has different phase, are occasionally heard as an example by experts or an adult. But ERP and CRM are two phase of a valuable coin. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are similar in numerous ways, as they are used to raise the profit of a business firm. Both software can be used in any of the industries small, medium or a large scale company. ERP software itself is a huge term or you can say an umbrella which has various profitable branches.

Pillars of ERP

There has always been a question “what is the support of ERP?”; the pillars make ERP a powerful customized tool used by every industry in current and have an increase demand in the market. Below are the list of branches and the most important five pillars of ERP.

• Payroll Management
• Accounting
• Sales

They are the two software which helps in the growth of a company. Generally, users are not well aware of this software. The goal of CRM is to manage customers and to build a healthy relationship with them and ERP focuses on Business.

Benefits of CRM for a Business

CRM is considered as one of the most important modules of ERP Software. All the software is interlinked to each other and works for providing benefits for a company.

• CRM is known for storing all the important data.
• Lead conversions are also maintained in the CRM software.
• This Software works as sales forces, who handle every minute detail of clients, on a single given page.
• It helps in maintaining all the records in a sophisticated manner and in a balanced form.
• The charts are customized as per the requirements of the clients.
• Leads which are generated can be changed according to the customers.
• Maintaining the records in this software help every fresher to go through the work, which was earlier handle by some other worker and this, can help in building a good client relationship.
• CRM can be used by executive for sales projections, maintain contacts with clients, shipping of products, verify address of customers and much more.
• With the help of CRM invoice can be created through billing department.

Why Choose CRM

Imagining a business without the sales team, would always make a business bankrupt. Hence to streamline the business firm CRM is the best modules of ERP in terms of business investment and can help a lot in business growth. Generating and managing sales is not an easy task but with the help of this module you can easily manage all your work without any difficulties. CRM ERP Software goes hand in hand.

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