TransferWise Review - How To Send Money. Is it safe?

Send Money Internationally Securely

There are various popular money transfer providers. Let it be Western Union, Remitly, TransferGo or even PayPal. They all enable you to send overseas payments online and exchange currencies. But depending on which features you seek, different transfer companies might suit you better. Are you in need of an urgent payment? Or are fees the decisive part for you? Others look for safety, especially if they send significant amounts.

So how to check features of the companies? Many people wonder is TransferWise safe? You can read some of the customers and experts' reviews to learn a bit about the first-hand experience with them.

TransferWise Review

TransferWise is one of the popular choices for transferring money abroad, especially if it requires currency conversions, as they focus on international payments. The platform offers a special multi-currency wallet, which lets you store different currencies at the same account and at the same card, which can be convenient if you travel frequently, whether it's for holidays or business. After you have registered, you can use the service to send and exchange money in more than 40 currencies to countries all over the world. There are multiple ways to deposit the funds on the account. You can also add money from your regular bank account.

Other feedback

To quote the review found on money comparison platform Wirly: "The overall design of the site and mobile apps is very neat and seems easy to use. The final costs are, in most cases, still cheaper than with regular mainstream banks. Many users are satisfied with the services. However, there are also some negative feedback and reports of frozen and lost funds. The project is very well funded and is still gaining interest among many investors and supporters."

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