Is there any good substitute for Yahoo Messenger chat room?

Yahoo brought the revolution in the age of the ’90s by introducing the very new concept of Instant Messenger to the world. Using Yahoo chat messenger people were able to communicate with their loved ones in real-time from any corner of the world. However, the introduction of new and better messengers took place on Yahoo, due to which it finally went down almost after 20 years of service in 2012. In order to keep your communication going on, we have brought you some most popular messengers with all the more facilities and features.

  1. Skype by Microsoft Skype is a product of Microsoft which comes with extensive features of voice and video call along with a live chat option, which makes it the first alternative to Yahoo chat rooms. It is mostly used by office co-workers in order to organize meetings on video calls and voice calls along with which it also gives the facility of presenting the screen to others by which they can see the screen of the person who is sharing the screen.

  2. Google Hangout As the name suggests it is a messaging platform introduced by google. By using Google hangout you can chat with the recipients that are added to your mail. It also gives the facility to share videos, photos, voice notes, etc. all by doing live chat with the person. Every recipient you contacted, will also be visible on your Gmail account from where you can directly access their chats and need to open any specific application.

  3. WhatsApp by Facebook Initially, WhatsApp was an individual live chat application that was later on bought by Facebook. By using it you can chat with your contacts saved on your phone only. It is a very good alternative to Yahoo chat messenger as it also provides you the facility to video chat and voice call with your loved ones anywhere in the world. While chatting you can also share emoticons, files, videos, audios, your live location, etc. as well.

  4. Telegram Telegram is a new fish in the sea of Instant Messengers. Here you can make private and public groups. In private groups, you can add people you know personally while in public groups anyone can join them and there is no limit for maximum participants in the group. It is a very good alternative to Yahoo chat rooms along with group making facilities where you can also have one-to-one chats with any of your contacts.

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