Windows 10 Can't Click Anything? Here's How to Fix It!

No doubt, computers have made our lives very easier. We are just some clicks away from solving some complex problems. Nevertheless, we also face some problems while using it, some people often complain that their mouse moves but won't click windows 10 desktop. This is a very common issue that every other person faces, in this article you will find some ways to overcome this problem of yours.

  1. Do the Mouse Check

Before going through any complex troubleshooting method, you should try out this basic method once. Disconnect your mouse from your PC and try to use it on some other device. If you are using a wireless mouse check the batteries. You can solve the hardware problems using the “Hardware and Device” trouble-shooter in Windows 10. Following is the method to access it: Search “Hardware and Device” in the search box. Choose the option of “Find and Fix Problems with Device”. Click “Next” to scan and it will provide you with the report of issues with the hardware and the device. Click on the mouse option, if it is there in the list, and click next.

  1. Advance Troubleshooting

This is an advanced method to solve your problem of I can't click on anything on my computer. You must read the steps carefully as these as very complex to understand and can be confusing: Press the Windows + R on your keyboard. A text box will appear where you have to write gpedit.msc and hit enter. Find the option of User Configuration and double click on it. Go to the “Administrative Templates” and then to “Windows Components”. After that you have to double click on the “File Explorer”. Then, in the right sidebar, scroll to the bottom of it and again double click on “Remove Windows Explorer’s Default Context Menu”. Disable the option, click “Apply” and confirm by clicking “OK”. Restart your PC.

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