How Can I Unlock My Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

Facebook has been a service that is known for the features and services. That is the sole reason why many of us are addicted to it and don’t want to give it up.

But what happens if you are locked out of your Facebook temporarily. There could be a number of reasons why you might be locked out of your FB account. But that should not bother you, just focus on getting the account back anyhow.

If your Facebook account is temporarily locked, then you should follow one of these two methods to get the account back.

How to Fix Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

If my Facebook account is temporarily locked, then I would follow these solutions. Facebook offers two solutions:

Wait for Some Time – once your account is locked in, don’t open it for another 96 hours and the account will be restored automatically. And you should clean the browser history, cache, and cookies before logging back again in your FB account. If your account is still blocked after 96 hours, then it might be blocked due to suspicious activity or violation of terms.

Submit an Appeal – Alternatively, you can submit an appeal to the Facebook team to unblock your account. Here are the steps for that. Open the Facebook Help and search for the ‘My Facebook account was disabled’ help page.

Now, open it and fill out the details such as email address, name, and additional information relating to the appeal.

After that, you need to attach a scanned copy of the government ID for verification and then click on the Submit button.

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