Compelling, Cross-Platform OST to PST Converter Software!

OST to PST Converter Software from USL Software – Compelling, Cross-platform tool that delivers frictionless approach to convert your Outlook files.

Non-optimized OST to PST converter software with ordinary features seldom deliver smooth experience. Even though both files relate to Outlook Windows, converting them can be quite full of resistance and challenges.

The OST to PST Converter Software

But today we are bringing a compelling OST to PST converter software that is cross-platform, intuitive to use, and simply professional!

Simply titled “OST Extractor Pro”, it is a user-centric tool posed to deliver frictionless experience. The strategic interface takes you step by step through each stage and produces clean output free of errors.

It is available in both Windows and Mac version.

ost to pst converter software

Smart interface:

Many powerful OST to PST converters have sloppy UIs, making any of the useful features not worthwhile. It is very important for any software application to have user-end interface to be easy and simple enough for anyone to navigate. “OST Extractor Pro” follows that advice brilliantly.

Experienced or not, you will be able to convert the data with convenience, never worrying about the technicality of the job.

Exhaustive Data Conversion:

The end-goal is to get all data from OST to PST. If for some reason, some of the data elements are not converted, the entire task is fruitless. And yet, many of the tools have no way to deliver 100%, exhaustive data conversion. You are most likely to find images, attachments, Unicode text, MIME headers, and email addresses broken or completely damaged. Only with “OST Extractor Pro” you can be fully assured that every little detail will be converted.

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More About “OST Extractor Pro

  • Note that you can choose one of the many available output formats. PST is just one of them. For instance, you can choose to convert OST files to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or standard MBOX or EML files.
  • You can get rid of any folder you think is not required. This gives you the freedom to convert only the appropriate folders and not the whole database.
  • Nothing is more annoying than spending your time in converting data and then not being able to import massive files to Outlook.
  • The detailed conversion log will give you all the insider information about the technical process just happened. Such as path of the items, total items processed, any errors if any, etc.
  • Can take large number of OST files and would not compromise the precision or safety of your files in any way. Most tools can falter when dealing with batch conversion.
  • Both input (OST) and output (PST) files can be from any Outlook versions. PST file can even be used to import data to Mac Outlook version.
  • Dedicated support to get the folders hierarchy correctly and not misplace the order during the data transfer.

Get this OST to PST Converter Software

And one of the most valuable yet lesser known feature about “OST Extractor Pro” is that it comes with a 24 x 7 tech support. Even though it is simple to use, there are cases where you would prefer having an expert aiding you through your unique and personal data migration task. The staff is friendly, quick to respond, and dedicated to resolve your query.

The free mode works on ten items per folder per Ost file. It gives you a precise look into the tool’s functionality, so you are fully confident before you get any of its license.

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OST Extractor Pro is the best OST to PST Converter software available for both Mac and Windows.

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