How Do I Fix My Printer Driver Is Unavailable?

Sometimes you may encounter an error when you are trying to print documents from Windows 10, ‘driver is unavailable’ error. This error is reported by many HP printer users, and here is what you need to do to fix this error.

Follow these steps when you get HP printer status unavailable.

Update Windows – One of the reasons for this error can be that your system is updated in ages. So, you need to update the windows 10 first and then try to print your documents with ease. It is very easy to update windows 10, and you have to open the Windows update from Settings and then click on the Check for Updates button to start the update.

Reinstall the Printer driver – If your printer is still unavailable and you are not able to print any documents, then you have to reinstall the printer drivers. For that, you have to uninstall the currently installed drivers on your system and then download HP printer drivers for windows 10 from the official website. Once the driver file is downloaded, you can open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

So, these steps will help you in fixing ‘Printer is unavailable’ error on your computer.

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