YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is a website for free video sharing. Three former workers of PayPal started YouTube on February 14, 2005.

One can simply subscribe (read here) to any YouTube channel and stay informed of the latest news and content from his favourite YouTube channels. A subscriber of a channel can dislike or like any content of that channel like a normal user. The difference can be drawn like that a user cannot see a particular channel’s content in his subscription feed until and unless he subscribes (visit here) that channel.

The number of views of a channel’s content largely depends on the number of subscribers (visit more) of that channel. More the number of subscribers (check here), the more is the number of views of content. If a channel has a huge number of subscribers then they will watch and share the content more. Thus, the content will get more and more views.

The procedure of a person to subscribe to a channel was introduced in October 2005 and the website started to post a list of its "most subscribed Members" (for more info) from April 2006. Each of the YouTube user's subscription feed contains videos published by the channels recently, to which the account is subscribed. T-Series is the most-subscribed YouTube channel as of May 2020. It is an Indian music video publisher operated by an entertainment company of the same name. With a subscriber (know more) count of 144 million, the channel has held this record since April 2019.

Now the question arises that if a subscriber (more info) or person writes shameful comments in a channel’s content, then the channel can block the subscribers. The answer is yes! For this, the channel has to go to the "about" option. Then click the flag on the right and channel can see "block user", click on it. A channel can also block a subscriber (further details) from posting comments in its contents. The channel can go to options, select Subscribers and choose the specific subscriber (more information) it wants to block.

By subscribing to a YouTube channel, the site notifies the subscriber (visit for more) any time a new content appears in the user's activity feed. When one subscribes (know more) to a channel, he can check a box in the subscription form that allows YouTube to send him email updates each time the channel uploads a new video.

A YouTube user can view his subscriptions on a YouTube page about all the videos the user has commented on, rated, or marked as his favourite from the instant the user submits the action on the site. If a subscriber (know more about it) wants, he can unsubscribe and change his subscription at any time by visiting the subscriptions page in his account, then clicking "Edit Subscription" link next to the username in the middle column. He makes the changes he desires, then clicks "Save Changes."

Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that a subscriber (for details) is like an asset to a YouTube channel. It always wants more assets. This asset can get the channel more subscribers (find more) and views. But if the asset turns out to be infamy by his misbehaviour in any content’s comment box then the channel can easily block him from further action.

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