A Guide To Plan A Quick Move In A Month’s Time

If you ask me what is the ideal time to prepare for a household move? I will say, a 2- month’s time is the best span to organize everything for the perfect move. A huge amount of planning and preparation is required. Otherwise, moving an entire house is no less than a nerve-wracking ordeal.

But, What if your move is scheduled next month?

The answer to this question is: have a strict moving plan and stick to it.

You are short of time and you need to wind up everything quickly. Do not worry! We have you covered. Here is a complete guide to planning a quick move in a month’s time.

1. Sort and purge

It’s time to purge the unwanted stuff from your home. Go room-wise and sort everything in two groups: wanted and unwanted stuff.

Pack all the wanted stuff in the moving boxes. Label the boxes using the color-coding scheme. Sell away, donate, or trash away all the unwanted stuff. If you have a huge amount of stuff to be donated, give a call to the charity like Goodwill who also provide the free pick-up service or you can gift some of the stuff to your friends as a keepsake. Organize a garage sale or sell your stuff on online websites like Craiglist or eBay. The items that are not at all useful, throw them away. Get rid of all the clutter before you move. Lesser the stuff to be packed, lesser is the cost of your shipment, thus the overall cost of the move is also less.

2. Book the professional services

When you have to prepare for a move in such a short time-frame, hiring the professional moving company would be the best decision. Take some time out to research the reliable movers near you. The movers should possess the valid license, insurance, and should be at the same time affordable movers NYC.

Ask as many questions as you can so as to hire the best moving company. The right professional movers can transform your strenuous move into a smoother one.

3. Ask for help

If you can’t hire the professional movers or the move is just in the next street you can ask for help from your friends, neighbors, or the family members. Distribute the responsibilities to everyone.

Once you are done with the move, you can offer the pizzas and beer to everyone as a gesture of thanks.

4. Pack your stuff

Before the movers arrive, pack everything. Purchase the packing supplies and moving boxes. When you are in such a short timeline buy the packing supplies from the moving store. You won’t be having any time to search for the free boxes from other resources.

Start packing the belongings in moving boxes. Before your movers or your friends arrive to load them into the moving trucks, you should be ready with the packed labeled boxes. You can also hire the green movers who supply plastic bins for all your belongings. This will save your time of finding the boxes and will be an eco-friendly move too.

Moving is an overwhelming task. Everything can go wrong in a jiffy of a second if not well-planned. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to ensure a smooth move. Hope these help!

Happy Moving!

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