Upload or Import OST file to Office 365-OST to Office 365 Converter

Microsoft provides a lot of features with all its products to providing Office users with all solutions. Whether it is Outlook or Office 365 both the product are highly crucial in their own way. Both applications are used worldwide mainly in business or enterprises. Here, in this blog, I am going to talks on how to import OST file to Office 365. Before starting let see a brief about Outlook and the Exchange Online.

Outlook: OST or the Offline Storage Table is the data files that create in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to work offline without the Internet and gets synchronizes whenever it connect with the Exchange Server. Through this, you can send or receive emails, maintain contacts, calendar, etc., there are several significant and useful features in MS Outlook to make the workplace highly effective.

Office 365: A Cloud-Based application that is also developed Microsoft as one of the most popular and innovative solutions of today. It provides a high range of data migration over the cloud in just a few seconds or minutes. It has a more wide variety of features like Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

Best methods to migrate OST file to Office 365 Mailbox

1) Free Method
2) Professional solution

Method 1: Free solution to migrate OST to Office 365

It is possible to convert OST to Office 365 accounts by following the below steps.

Step 1: Export OST file into PST: The very first step that you need to follow is to transfer Outlook OST file into PST format. There is no option to move OST directly to Office 365 mailbox if you do it manually, therefore, it is required to export OST to PST to start the migration process.

To export Outlook OST file into PST format you can use the given manual or the professional solutions.

• Archive feature
• Drag and Drop method
• Import/Export option
• OST to PST Converter

Step 2: PST to Office 365 Migration to move PST file to Office 365

The second step is to follow the Network Upload Method to migrate Outlook PST data file to Exchange Online Cloud environment. Here also you need to follow a few steps to complete the entire PST migration to Office 365 accounts.

1) Create a new import job in Office 365: In Exchange Online Admin accounts go to Security and Compliance Data Governance--> Import. Enter the name of the job and Next.

2) Choose the required option to Upload PST file: Select the option Upload your data--> Next, a new import data window will open from where it will direct the steps to move PST.

3) Follow steps to import PST to the Azure storage location: Click on the Show Network SAS URL, a destination link becomes visible that is required to copy for further use.

4) Download and move PST using the Azure tool: Hit on the option, Download Azure AzCopy to download an updated Azure tool. Install the application and open it. Execute the given command that allows migrating Outlook PST data to a storage area of the Microsoft Azure.

5) Mapping of the PST file: Now, check all the options required for preparing the mapping of the PST file Next. Click on +Select mapping file, browse the CSV--> Validate--> Save.

6) Filter data before migration:Go to import job page and click on Ready to Import to Office 365. As you hit on it, a new window will open providing two options of filtering data. Choose any of one from the two and Next.

Finally, the migration takes place and moves the data to the Exchange Online mailbox.

Method 2: Professional way to move OST to Office 365

Software is the best way to streamline the process of OST data to Office 365 conversion. It is highly preferred by a lot of people due to the following given key characteristics of OST to Office 365 Converter. MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration Tool is one of the popular solutions used of this process to upload OST to Office 365.

Key features of OST to Office 365 Converter

Standalone software: The software completely works independently as no other application or tool required to use it and migrate OST to Exchange Online.

Repair OST using deep scanning feature: If you have damaged the OST file with you then also it repairs each OST migrating it to Exchange Online.

Batch OST file migration: Quick batch migration is also possible using this excellent software.

Email Search option: Allows transferring OST to Office 365 accounts using elements like To, From, Cc, Subject, etc.

Export by Date: The application allows the filtering of the OST files using the Date where you need to put the start and the end date.

Impersonate Export: Offers users to gives the solution of converting the OST file to Office 365 mailbox of Impersonate user.

Selective migration: Allows you to customize the migration process to move OST data file to O365 accounts.

Migrate only contacts or calendar: Separate data conversion of contacts or calendar is also possible with the help of the software.

Logfile: complete information on the process to help you gain the entire details of the process.

Maintenance property: Do not disturb the structure of any Outlook OST file keeping it complete well organized and maintained.

Final Verdict: I hope you find this blog informative and helpful to import OST file to Office 365 Cloud with the help of both manual and professional solutions.

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