Five tips for dealing with the stress of exams

Ocean of the syllabus to cover… Starving stomach… Sleepless nights…There is so much to stress about, right? When the clouds of the exams are already hovering over your head, the rain of stress will eventually come down to you and freeze you to death. Well, this is the story of every other student stricken with the curse of examinations. If you fail to manage your stress, it will eventually overwhelm your performance during the exam and leave you with nothing…

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Top Five Things You Must Know About Psychology

Psychology is a comparatively contemporary field in the academic world that is a rare combination of science and humanities. Due to its complex but fascinating elements, the general perception is not-so-surprisingly strained. People feel apprehensive as they aren’t entirely aware of its purpose. Every field of education has a guideline and structure that fits the norms. However, in regards to psychology, the mainstream population lacks a basic understanding of the…

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