Five tips for dealing with the stress of exams

Ocean of the syllabus to cover… Starving stomach… Sleepless nights…There is so much to stress about, right? When the clouds of the exams are already hovering over your head, the rain of stress will eventually come down to you and freeze you to death. Well, this is the story of every other student stricken with the curse of examinations. If you fail to manage your stress, it will eventually overwhelm your performance during the exam and leave you with nothing but disappointment. You can’t even say this time, “Write My Essay Online” because you will be on your own in the examination hall. So stand up against this stress-inducing demon and don’t let it possess you! Check out these five tips to manage stress during your exams.

  1. Don’t forget to breathe Yes! We know you have a lengthy syllabus to cover, and no time for yourself. But hey! Don’t forget to breathe. Sit back and relax for an hour or so, and practice yoga or any mindfulness techniques. This will drain out stress from your brain and shift your attention back to the present moment. The stressful mind can never be able to comprehend whatever you are trying to learn. So if you are trying to cram out your syllabus, stop and allow yourself to inhale some oxygen!

  2. Have a proper sleeping schedule Students, who are used to pulling all-nighters to cover their syllabus, often suffer the most with stress! Soon your mind will be exhausted, and you will no longer be able to remember whatever you have prepared for exams, especially when you are sitting in the examination hall. Your efforts will all go in vain if your mind does not function properly on the exam day! If you want your brain to function properly during the exam, then it’s your job to recharge your brain by getting 8-9 hours of sleep daily. Stop slurping up cups of coffee as excessive consumption of caffeine can also lead to several psychological issues.

  3. Eat healthy and exercise Bid farewell to pizza and burger and embrace healthy eating habits during exams. Surviving on an unhealthy diet and getting minimalistic movement into your day can increase symptoms of stress and anxiety. So, make a habit of consuming fewer carbs, minimal caffeine intake and more water, and at least half-hour of exercise every day to prevent yourself from exam stress.

  4. Talk to someone At some point in time, you feel like that your stress is overpowering you and you are struggling to manage it. Then, waste no time and seek professional help! Keep this thing in mind that there is no harm in seeking help from the professional mental healthcare provider. Remember! Asking for help is not shameful at all! Every other student is going through this exam stress, and the best option is to go to your tutor or even your friends and explain to them your feelings. Sometimes, sharing your burden with someone can also ease your stress and make you feel relaxed.

  5. Believe in yourself! Stick to the feeling that you can do this! When we are busy facing new challenges, we often neglect the fact that how far we have come and how much we have already achieved. You must have prepared well, now trust yourself and relax! Remember what Thomas Edison said about exams, “Tomorrow is my exam, but I don’t care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.” Don’t overburden your brain with anxiety, neglect all the negative thoughts and transform them into positive ones! You will ace it for sure!

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