How to Add Apple Mail to Outlook in Just a Few Quick Steps?

How to add Apple Mail to Outlook? Here is the tool that you have been looking for. It works perfectly for converting your Apple Mail files into the format that Outlook can easily import, which is PST.

Apple Mail and Outlook for Windows are two email clients that are vastly popular. But it may come as a surprise to you that there is no official and direct way to add Apple Mail to Outlook Windows. If you are switching to Outlook Windows from Apple Mail, you might have to do some work to move your email data.

How to add Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Today we are discussing a quick way to add Apple Mail to Outlook, and not just to Windows version but also to Mac version as well. The tool and method discussed below will help you transfer all your emails from Apple Mail to PST file format, which is applicable to both Mac and Windows version of Outlook.

So, let’s get started and see how it works.

You need an application called “Mail Extractor Pro.” There are many others that also have Apple Mail to PST conversion as their core feature, but this one ranks above all of them on many fronts that we will discuss below. You will realize why many of the professionals and home users pick “Mail Extractor Pro” as their go-to software for such migration tasks.

how to add apple mail to outlook

Auto Load Entire Apple Mail Database

The most dominating aspect of this application as compared to other traditional converters is that it can automatically pick up the default Apple Mail database, sometimes also called Profile. This is where all the data is stored. Some users pick a custom location to save their data, or even backup certain databases to other location. You have the choice to select them as input for conversion as well. But in neither case, you will need to archive the data into MBOX files or dig into the folders for the raw EMLX files. “Mail Extractor Pro” gets the job done directly from the source.

When the conversion of emails from Apple Mail database into PST files is complete, you are free to move the PST files to the version of Outlook you want. The format PST can be used to import data into both Mac and Windows version of Outlook.

The reasons you should convert or migrate your data using only ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ as given below:

  • It autoloads your main database, making it unnecessary to get MBOX or EMLX Files manually
  • Although, it also does support MBOX to PST conversion, if that is what is required by you.
  • The tool supports the conversion of all complex items within the database, such as graphical data, large attachments, nested emails, and so on.
  • It also safely converts all non-English text and international characters as well. The tool has native conversion algorithms for handling Unicode formatted content.
  • It also converts MIME defined headers, which include more complex data from the email headers
  • The interface is designed for making the process smooth and easy for everyone, and not just professionals. Everyone can use it to convert Apple Mail to Outlook without issues. All it takes is just a couple of a few clicks and you will be all set!

Try it at

Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac OS X application and is available for free trial version. After your trial, you can pick any one of the licenses that you see fit for your needs. And the technical support team always there ready for assistance is a value which importance cannot be overstated. You can get in touch with them at any time and have all your queries solved.

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