Convert and recover Ost files in the Pst format successfully

The only way to preserve one’s data while also ensuring safe ost to pst conversion procedure is to use the automated OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

Recover & Convert OST files

This app secures the offline data stored in Offline Storage Table- OST format from risk of loss at instances of hardware corruption, attack of malware and virus, loss of Exchange file by converting it into a better format. The client has the option of choosing the format they want their files converted into- pst, eml, Postbox, Apple Mail etc. It also has the technology to make the process of conversion insanely easy for the client.

Discover the fine features of the best converter app:

Using the OST Extractor Pro to convert the ost files into a different format has a lot of benefits other than mere data security. It saves the client from unnecessary load and provides extra benefits too. Its beneficiary features which make it superior to any other converter are listed below:

1. Ability to convert files indiscriminately:

The major benefit of using this app is that it would not be hindered by the format of the files. No matter how new or old the format of files be, this app can convert it. Exchange version 5.0 to 2017 and Outlook version 98 to 2019, this app would convert them all. So, no matter since how long the files are kept accumulating in the database, this app handles it all quite easily.

2. Unique content recognition:

Since most of the times files get corrupted when converted by average tools, this tool has taken precaution to be able to manage all kinds of content. Thus, this app can recognize all non-English languages, even the ones which use double-byte characters. Clients can thus convert their mail files with this tool even the ones inn languages like Korean and Japanese. Even content like Unicode, metadata, headers, etc. remain intact when converted with this app.

3. Fast conversion ability:

Conversion with this tool is super-fast since it can convert the files in bulk. Hundreds of files can be put for conversion at once with this tool without a single worry about the effectiveness getting affected. This batch conversion technology is especially helpful for clients who do not want to invest extra time into the procedure.

4. User friendly interface:

The GUI of this tool is extremely user-friendly and can be operated by literally anyone with basic computer skills. The user does not have to invest his or her time into the conversion as the process is automated. The only responsibility the user is left with is to uncheck the files they do not want converted, and to choose the format they would want their files to be converted into.

These features are evidence of the extremely reliable nature of the tool. Apart from that, it also has a supportive customer care service which is available at all hours and can be accessed via chats as well as mails.

Get free trial to convert ost files

A free trial version is available for the comfort of people who want to test the features of the tool at

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