Convert Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac & Windows

With all the possible ways to convert Thunderbird to Outlook, it can get hard to choose the best approach. But this post will tell you exactly what you need to do and how!

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook – The Approach That Works Best!

Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

Thunderbird is a cross platform email client that you can get for Windows, Mac, and even Linux based systems. Whereas Outlook is an email client for Windows and Mac. Both versions of Outlook are different; they just have same name. The major similarity between both is that they can use PST files to import data, and that’s the fact that we can take advantage of when it comes to Thunderbird to Outlook data migration.

Thunderbird native files are not compatible with Outlook. So, you cannot simply copy the file to Outlook database and hope that it works. Outlook won’t recognize the Thunderbird files.

Also, there is no in-built feature in either Thunderbird or Mac Outlook that you can use to export or import data respectively. It gets trickier when you want to transfer emails from Mac Thunderbird to Outlook in Windows, because of the difference in the operating systems. Changing email clients is hard enough as it is but when you throw in the switch to an entire different platform, you get problem of whole other nature.

Ways to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

There’s one possible way to transfer emails and other items from Thunderbird and Outlook; the one that is quite often employed by many users.

IMAP Method

It’s called data syncing through IMAP based email accounts. The basic gist is that you use a dummy email account supported by IMAP and then you use that account and the servers as a middle agent between both clients that can sync/transfer data.

But there are few problems with that approach. First of all, you need an email account that allows saving data on the servers for at least equal to the size of the data in your Thunderbird database that you want to move. For instance, Gmail only offers up to 15 GB of data in its free account. If you have a larger size of Thunderbird database, you can’t possibly choose this method. You can still perform the same steps of data migration multiple times but that would be too cumbersome.

Not to mention that IMAP sync-based method takes a lot of time, especially if you have slower connection. You also need to spend a lot of data bandwidth, in both upload and download terms, equal to the size of the data you are migrating.
The approach is also manual and therefore there are higher chances of things going wrong. Most commonly, you can end up missing a lot of details and sophisticated components.

Using 3rd Party Converter

The second method that isn’t as common but is still used by many is to use a third-party file converter. These converters require you to either use the raw and native data files in Thunderbird to convert them to PST files for Windows and Mac Outlook. Or you can use a plugin in Thunderbird to archive data to MBOX and then use an MBOX to PST converter.

Both the approaches mentioned above have huge flaws and can cause you a lot of frustration.

Best Way to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

Welcome to USL Software. USL Software brings to you an amazing and highly productive method of moving Thunderbird data to Outlook. The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and the way it works is by directly loading Thunderbird profile database. Which means you don’t need to manually dig for any native and raw files nor use any plugin to archive data to MBOX files.

convert Thunderbird to outlook

Just select “Auto-load” in the tool’s option and it will target the source (identity database) directly.

This makes the entire process surprisingly easier and quicker. And the effect it has on data precision of output files (PST) is simply perfect. You cannot see anything missing, no partially converted files, and no errors concerning data fidelity. From Unicode text to folder hierarchy, from attachments to images, from headers to MIME defined content, everything will be cleanly converted into PST files.

It also has few other additional options like manually removing any folder you don’t want to convert, splitting large PST files, ignoring empty folders, and more.

Try Now to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

The best way to find out all about the tool is by trying it out. You can download the free trial version to see the tool working in action from up close. Get the setup below, install, and get started!

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You will never have to look for any other method or software application to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

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