EML to PST Migration Can Take Way Too Long – Here’s How to avoid that Trap!

EML to PST migration can take long if the files are big, but mostly it depends on what tool you are using to convert them, as most of the available tools today are sluggish and developed poorly to handle the data processing needed.

EML to PST Migration

Are you a busy but productive user who doesn’t like wasting time in complicated technical tasks or in any task, for that matter? Then you are not going to like EML to PST migration task. It may be essential but you are going to find loss of productivity a likely outcome of that. Especially if you are new to email migration and do not have much experience at hand to deal with such tasks.

Both EML and PST are common data files. EML is associated with Windows Live Mail but has now become a pretty standard file for storing email messages. PST on the other hand is strictly an Outlook file, native to Windows Outlook but also works on Mac Outlook. And both files also store the contents differently. The structure of these files makes it a tricky job for the converters to process and map all the information with the correct metadata. All of this complication results in data integrity errors and broken hierarchy. Not to mention, it takes a lot of time.

So, if you do not want to face all that, here’s how you can skip that and stop yourself from falling into the trap. The obvious answer to most complicated technical tasks is to get a professionally built application with the features that work consistently across varying scenarios and databases. It’s difficult to find such an app for EML to PST migration process, but that’s where this article comes in. You do not need to set off into a long and tiring journey into the depths of internet to find such EML to PST converter. Our recommendation works perfectly and quickly so you can get back to your actual work and let the tool handle the heavy job.

The EML to PST Migration Tool for Mac

It’s called 'Mail Extractor Pro' and is developed by USL Software to fix the prevailing issues and complications of converting EML to PST. They worked on the crucial conversion algorithms from the inside-out and came up with an efficient set of algorithms. Those are highly calibrated and refined to perfection. You will find no flaws, missing components, or other issues with Mail Extractor Pro that usually plague most of the converters in this category.

eml to pst migration

Here are some notable points about “Mail Extractor Pro”

  • Works pretty fast. You can convert large EML files to PST in no time. The specialized algorithms work seamlessly without any enormous processing time.
  • Keeps the metadata and details of files perfectly safe. You will find all your emails, headers, images, attachments, and other data elements being converted to PST precisely.
  • The simple UI (graphically based and targeted towards non-experienced users) makes the task simple enough for everyone. No need to learn high-end concepts that is usually required for using other less-effective converters.

Try it today

Get a trial version below and you can see all of this through your own eyes. The trial version of Mail Extractor Pro lets you try out all the features it has by converting up to ten emails per folder within the EML File. It’s a great way to directly verify the power and functionality of the tool and to make up your mind to get the full version license.

Download it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/download-now/

The tool also comes with a USL Software’s premium technical support available through day and night. It’s an excellent addition to an already great application that can make a big difference.

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