How to Open OST file in Outlook? Strikingly Quick and Simple Solution!

How to open OST file in Outlook? There is no way to do it, to put it abruptly. But the good news for you is that there is a way around the issue and lets you import the data in OST using the converted PST.

How to open OST file in Outlook?

We receive many emails from our readers regarding the OST file and how to open it in Outlook. The confusion with the OST format, which is very similar to PST but with few differences, can lead to challenges and problems of various sorts. The most common being deleting the original account and keeping OST as backup file.

Often, when someone is leaving a company, they take the OST files with them, falsely assuming they can later use it as a backup file. Another case is when someone deletes the email account, thinking the data is safe in the OST file.

In such scenarios, users are stuck with an inaccessible data file in OST format.
So, back to the original question, how to open OST file in Outlook, if you find yourself in the same situation?

Technically, it is not possible. But we have a solution. It is a strikingly simple and effective: by converting it to PST using "OST Extractor Pro".

Best Way to Open OST file in Outlook

"OST Extractor Pro" has a special mechanism at its root in charge of processing and extracting the emails and all kinds of contents with them. The tool brings an unequal level of clarity and integrity in the output data files that is tricky to achieve in any sort of email migration tasks.

open ost file in outlook

For instance, it will take care of your emails in Unicode including the headers, non-textual attachments such as media file or application files, graphics (anything from pictures to logos), and other kinds of elements common in email files. What you will get at the end in the form of PST will match exactly the data in OST, from actual data to the way it is arranged and every other detail.

The tool also has a simple UI to help you along with the process effortlessly. The instructions given are simple to read and understand and are meant for a basic home user. All the advanced features are arranged cleverly to both offer customizations and controls and simplicity, without overwhelming the inexperienced users.

how to open ost file in outlook

Here are some more components of the tool you will love:

  1. It converts not just OST to PST, but also to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and EML files.
  2. Supports OST files from all Outlook versions (from 97 to 2019).
  3. The converted PST files can be used in all Outlook versions, including Mac Outlook.
  4. The conversion log at the end will help high end users make sense of the process and analyze it in greater depth.
  5. The tech support will assist you wherever you feel need it. They are just a click away and respond quickly to queries.

To sum it up, many users often ask how to open OST file in Outlook not knowing that it is technically infeasible. But also unaware of the solutions that work perfectly. "OST Extractor Pro" is one of those solutions that give you a clear and quick approach to convert OST to PST, allowing you to easily import data that was once in OST files.

Get free Trial to Open OST file in Outlook

The free trial verison will help you see the workings closely and figuring out its true worth for your tasks. It converts only ten emails from each folder inside the OST file you are converting, but does not disable any other feature, and is also not limited by time.

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So, you can take your time and try out everything in detail.

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