Import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail – This Tool Will Show You How Simple It Can Be!

Import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail. You must have thought this to be a tiring process. But this article will surprise by how simple it can be, given you have the best tool in hand.

Import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

Importing Mac Outlook to Mac Mail is often taxing on anyone who has to go through it, from a basic user to an expert in computers. Since these email clients do not share a single common data file, you cannot migrate data directly. For instance, MBOX or EML is a generic file that can be used in many email clients like Mc Mail, Thunderbird, and more, but Mac Outlook doesn’t offer any way to archive data to EML or MBOX.

So, you are stuck with other third-party options or long manual methods to make this happen for you. And most of the software tools available are unreliable as well. You don’t get much help from them, except maybe in cases where the folders you want to migrate are not more than one or two.

To do it professionally in more larger cases, you have to get a software solution that is built around the challenges and complexities around this task and can offer proper features to help you along. This is what “OLM Extractor Pro” was built for.

What is “OLM Extractor Pro” and How Does it Help You?

OLM Extractor Pro” is the official name of a software application developed and published by USL Software.

import mac outlook to mac mail

The name will give away its major function: it extracts OLM files and then you can choose where you want to put that extracted data into. There are multiple options to choose the output file from, one of which includes Mac Mail or MBOX files. The recommended option is to choose Mac Mail instead of MBOX because it will then give you native “Mail” folder that you can import and is much easier, even though MBOX is also supported in Mac Mail.

The reason why “OLM Extractor Pro” is the best tool for this job is given below:

  • It has multilayered algorithms to process the information in OLM files with precision. Most other converters fall prey to the complex data structures and would result in error-prone files. This is the biggest concern of every email migration process: data integrity loss, and fortunately, “OLM Extractor Pro” is far from that.
  • Its basic UI enables even the least or zero experienced users to import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail. The clear instructions allow you to do what’s required without going deep into the technical specifics.
  • It allows for multiple file conversions at one time. Have many OLM files? No problem. Just select the folder with the files you want to convert and “OLM Extractor Pro” will process them in bulk.
  • Automatic conversion of contacts and calendar data. Contacts into Virtual Contact file (VCF) and Calendar into iCAL file (ICS).

Try free to Import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

USL Software has made the free version available to download for free, and it has no restrictions other than converting ten items per folder. It gives complete freedom over the features, so you can get the clear idea of how it functions with your data.

Get it here

To import Mac Outlook to Mac Mail, try 'OLM Extractor Pro' today.

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