Import OST to Outlook – A Huge Shift in Paradigm is Coming!

Import OST to Outlook – never again indulge yourself in the bad practices of email migration that leads to the data loss and partial conversion. Here is the smart solution many experts go for and now, you can too!

Import OST to Outlook Mac and Windows

Since OST is not meant to be imported to any email client, if you have the isolated OST files, you have only one option – converting it to the appropriate format.

For importing OST to Outlook, you need to convert OST to PST. PST works with both Windows and Mac version of Outlook.

But the task of such a file conversion has always been riddled with challenges and quandaries that could be impossible to get out of. With ordinary methods and sloppy tools, many have suffered server data loss and damage to their files. Even with the decent converters, the results are often partial and fragmented. Not to mention, none of these applications work quick enough to be practical in scenarios where the files are huge. And lastly, the interfaces could be so inefficient that even experts would find themselves lost in all the cluttered and messy layout.

Very few know how to convert or import OST to Outlook PST. The lack of proper tools has been at the core of the misunderstanding that this is a terrible process to go through. The truth is, it is not that hard. With a truly professional tool built carefully to account for all data items an OST file could contain, OST to PST could be straightforward and practical for every type of projects.

Tool to Import OST to Outlook

“OST Extractor Pro” is that application, also available to be used in both Windows or Mac OS (whichever you own or prefer). This is the tool that is shifting the paradigm. If you have ever worried or been anxious about all the tiny details in your files and were concerned that you might lose them during conversion, here is the app to finally resolve you of all those problems. import ost to outlook Along with its excellent support to convert every detail, it is also above the standard in all the following areas:

  • Smart UI that does not limit or dilute the functionality, but also presents a very basic and clear approach that will appeal to the least or non-0experidnced users as well.
  • Option to select multiple OST files is a blessing for business users who might have a lot of OST files. No more do they need to handle each OST file conversion individually.
  • There is a one-click button that will let you ignore all the empty folders if you don’t’ want to convert them to PST.
  • Along with the PST format, you can also choose other formats to convert OST files to, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, EML, and more. This is why many consider ‘OST Extractor Pro’ the most comprehensive and versatile application.
  • The OST and PST files (input and output) work in all Outlook versions, starting from the earliest version to the latest Office 365, even including Exchange. The output PST file from the tool could also be used with Mac Outlook.

Want to try it out?

Download the Windows or Mac based setup file, install, and get started. It starts in a free trial (pre-activation) version, giving you an opportunity to see how it runs with your files. For activation, you have got three licenses to choose from – household, small-scale, and large enterprise. The only difference is in how many machines you can install the tool on.

Get it at

And lastly, there is also a tech support to help you out in any ways required.

OST Extractor Pro is a revolutionary application to convert and import OST to Outlook and other clients, so much that it is changing the paradigm surrounding the task and breaking down all the barriers that previously existed and have troubled even the most experienced IT users.

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