OST to MBOX Conversion and Recovery; A List of FAQs

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Every list of frequently asked questions is built up to serve the set of questions that are relevant to a specific set of users. This list of FAQs too has been carefully curated to cater to the needs of users of OST Extractor Pro. It will also answer some questions pertaining to OST Extractor Pro in the capacity of an OST to MBOX converter tool.

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Q. Can OST Extractor Pro recover OST files from Outlook?

A. OST Extractor Pro can be called as an OST file converter and recovery tool too. That is because this tool is designed to extract OST files from various sources. Other than being highly equipped in recovering the files from all the versions of Outlook ranging from Outlook 1997 to Outlook 2019, this tool can also recover OST files from sources such as Exchange servers, Office 365, etc.

Q. Can OST Extractor Pro be used for business purposes?

A. OST Extractor Pro is a professionally built up tool. It is the creation of USL software. USL software is particularly famous for providing email conversion solutions to a large sect of the user community. As such, they have designed various license keys for this tool too, keeping in mind the interests of the variety of users. For instance, if you have an individual account, then go for the lowest package that has been specifically built for users like you. Or if the requirement is related to the use of this tool on up to 50 systems, then the ‘business’ package would fit your needs. Rest assured, every packaged deal is rationally priced to fit the pockets of the users.

Q. Describe the capability of OST Extractor Pro as an OST to MBOX recovery tool?

A. OST Extractor Pro serves multiple conversion needs. OST to MBOX recovery is one of them. To begin with, this tool offers a trial version which makes the recovery process of OST to MBOX free. Other than that, the whole OST to MBOX recovery process is streamlined. From the extraction of the files to their successful conversion into the final output, the data flow is really smooth. The process too is highly simplified and is manifested on an even simpler interface. It is rightly stated that as an OST to MBOX free recovery tool, OST Extractor Pro is a complete package that no user can resist.

Q. What all are the output options offered by OST Extractor Pro?

A. OST Extractor Pro holds the capacity to extract and convert OST files to multiple outputs. These outputs are OST to MBOX, Postbox, Apple mail archive, EML, Thunderbird, etc. The great thing about this tool’s ability is that each one of these conversions are handled with equal agility. The final output in each of these cases is commendable, to say the least.

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