The best OST to PST conversion Software - 'OST Extractor Pro'

The online email conversion scenario is flooded with hundreds of OST to PST conversion tools but still, there was a need to find the best conversion tool. To your rescue comes the OST Extractor Pro. This is one of the best tools available in the market for converting your OST files into PST files.

Why is it known to be the best

The OST Extractor Pro is known to be the best conversion tool available in the market because of its features. There are many conversion tools that are present but they are so complicated that the normal non-technical user cannot use them. Also, it is not only the technicality that makes it difficult for general users to use it. But also the pricing of such software is very high.

So here a few of the features enlisted to tell you what makes OST Extractor Pro different from others.

Simple user interface

The user interface is far less complex as compared to other conversion tools present in the market. Most of the work that is done on the software is done automatically and requires a lot lesser manual interference with the process. Hence even a non-technical person can use this software with ease. Many of the conversion tools that are present in the market require human interference with the software to go to the next level. But with the OST Extractor Pro, you simply need to select the files that you need to extract and rest is taken care by the software.

The high-level algorithm

The OST Extractor Pro makes use of a high-level algorithm that is the double-byte system. Because of this, the text that is not in English language or the text that are in other languages that are non-English can be converted. Such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic are some of the languages that can easily be converted from OST files to PST files. Also, the complex data such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, calendars, notes, phone books, etc can easily be retrieved from OST2PST file without any data loss. It can also recover images and audios and videos from the backup OST files.

Maintaining the hierarchy of folders

The smart intelligent algorithms used in the OST Extractor Pro, detects the hierarchy of the folders. This means under a folder there can be many subfolders and files loaded inside them. OST Extractor Pro allows all such OST files to be converted into PST files in the very same format without scattering the data or losing the data. That means even after the conversion the data makes sense to you and looks familiar. During the process, there is no data loss that takes place. These features are not usually available in the market in other conversion tools.

So if you have difficulty recovering your OST files or you cannot open the OST file in Outlook 2016 then downloading this software can be helpful to you.

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