OST to PST Conversion in Mac and Windows

Due to recent worldwide crash of MS Exchange server, every company in the world has been forced to look at alternative ways to convert OST to PST format. Ever since the irregularities started to occur in MS Exchange server, it has become even mandatory to look for alternative ways. Everyone knows that they cannot rely on MS Exchange server forever.

But before we get to the solution, let's understand why we need this process at all.

OST to PST Conversion, why we need it?

OST is the format Outlook uses to store all its mailbox content offline. OST stands for Offline storage table. PST is the format with which it directly interacts. It stands for Personal storage table. With the help of both these formats, Outlook caters to both offline and online needs of users.

MS Exchange server comes into the picture to sync the two formats. Imagine you have a draft saved in OST format in your computer hard drive. But no you want to revise that draft and send it to its recipient. For that you will need to import this OST file in Outlook. Only then you will be able to revise this draft. For this purpose you will need to sync OST files with PST.

As you have read before, MS Exchange server's irregularities have started to surface more frequently than ever. This means that there will be no MS Exchange server to make use of in the near future. So should your organization stop your work till MS Exchange server recovers? No.

Our only solution is to convert OST files to PST format. This helps in importing the files in Outlook. It makes them usable, and companies workflow never comes to a halt.

Therefore, in this article we will introduce you to one tool which is a great alternative to MS Exchange server. You can convert your OST files to PST with this tool with exhilarating ease. Due to its easiness, it can be used by every employee of your company. It can further be used to convert OST files to any format your company likes. This is guaranteed that it has everything a company needs for a safe and smooth OST to PST Conversion.

OST to PST Conversion in Mac and Windows

This tool is called OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. It has made OST to PST Conversion extremely easy. It can convert your company's huge database to OST format in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it also allows for selective conversions too. The tool also preserves folder hierarchy which means no problem will occur in the post-conversion process.

USL software understands that making a big investment is a collective decision in a company. Therefore, it has introduced demo version of OST Extractor Pro. This is completely free. If you want to show this tool to your company's executives, you can use this demo tool.

Even on the financial side this tool will not disappoint you. Your organization can buy this tool for just $599 and for personal use $49 only. Grab the offer now.

Get it at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

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