OST to PST Converter Free Software Download and Full Version

OST to PST Converter Free Software Download (trial). The finest solution available today that turns an essentially tedious and daunting process into a breeze, even if you have no technical experience about email file conversion.

OST to PST Converter Free Software Download

The Quickest Route to Get Your Important Data Converted!

OST to PST conversion is something you need to face if you have data stuck inside inaccessible OST files.

Here are few scenarios it can happen:

  • Corruption has made OST files corrupt.
  • You deleted the original email account that you can’t add again, leaving OST files in the database inaccessible with the important data stuck inside them.
  • Power failure, network failure, malware, hard disk failure, and other such incidents can cause problems with Outlook, your data profile, and OST files.
  • Outlook syncs with your email servers and keep the data in OST format to let you access it even offline, but gaps in syncing process can lead to some errors and can make the files isolated.

And when all these situations arise, you simply have no other option than to convert OST to PST files. You can try going into Outlook import feature, but you will find no such option to import data using OST format; the file format is not built for that purpose. All manual data operations like import, export, back up, archiving, and migration are done through PST format, where PST is short for “Personal Storage Table".

So, that’s the reason why OST to PST conversion is done quite frequently amongst Outlook users, in both home and work environment. But the more important question is, how to go about that? Since OST and PST don’t serve the same purpose and have entirely separate data structures, how to convert them?

The answer lies with “OST Extractor Pro".

ost to pst converter

The Best OST to PST Converter

It’s an excellent software utility from UST Software built specifically for OST to PST conversion. The tool ensures every data element is converted without losing the details. And the interface makes this too simple, even for users who have no technical b background or any sort of prior experience with complex tasks like email conversion.

ost to pst converter free

USL Software is known for their slightly unconventional but always effective solutions in email migration and conversion domain. “OST Extractor Pro” too takes the benefit of the years of experience and expertise of USL Software. The end result is a very professional software solution aimed towards both IT experts and home users.

ost to pst conversion

Whatever challenges and complexities a user had faced during data conversion from OST to PST, “OST Extractor Pro” has effectively revolved them. For instance, converting large and multiple OST files to PST has always been tricky. But now with this OST to PST converter, you can easily perform batch conversion.

It also allows: -

  • Manually removing any folders, you don’t want to convert
  • Splitting large PST files into smaller files
  • Ignoring all empty folders in a single click

Download OST to PST Converter Free Trial

OST Extractor Pro” is the finest OST to PST converter that is also available as a free software download for trial purposes. You can get the setup file here and get started and see how easy and effective it has turned an otherwise daunting process into.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

OST to PST Converter Free Software Download

If your are looking for OST to PST converter (for Mac or Windows), try OST Extractor Pro today.

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