Add Commenting to Your Public Notes

Writeapp was never about blogging but I always envisioned it as a one-stop app for being creative, documenting ideas, and even sharing them when finished. But what about feedback? Until now public notes didn't have comments. That is now untrue. I'm happy to introduce today's new commenting feature powered by Disqus.

Enabling comments

First off, comments are powered by Disqus so you need to create a Disqus account to use this feature. Sign up at and create a new site for your comments. The URL you should provide is "". After getting your Disqus short name head over to your settings panel in

Click the "Public" panel and then simply enter your Disqus short name in the box provided. If you enable comments without a short name then you'll see an error in the comment box on your public notes.

That's it. Real simple. So if you want to add commenting to your public page just get a new Disqus short name, add it to your public profile and we'll take care of the rest. There's no need to integrate any embed codes yourself.

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